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Happy & Healthy Episode 12: Getting Creative

January 7, 2020 Pete Soscia

There’s more to being creative than just being artistic. On today’s show, author and professor, Cyndi Burnett shares what it really means to be creative, how creativity’s an important skill set to have in your everyday life, and how you can improve on your creative process.

The Essentials to “Nose” about Essential Oils

August 29, 2019 Team Best Life
Essential Oils

Essential oils give a whole new meaning to Spiderman’s catch phrase “my spidey-senses are tingling.” That’s because activating our senses with certain aromas can possibly lead to superpower benefits such as decreasing stress, increasing concentration and more!

Dear Diary: The “Write” Way to Journal

August 22, 2019 Kit Kuebler
Tips on how to start journaling

Journaling not only allows you to release emotions, but also process them. However, it’s difficult figuring out where and how to get started. There’s no “write” way to journal but these tips can help generate inspiration!

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