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Coronavirus Help: Cooking at Home | Happy & Healthy

April 2, 2020 petersoscia

Coronavirus Help: Cooking at Home | Happy & Healthy

April 2, 2020 Pete Soscia
Man cooking vegetables in frying pan on electric

Cooking from home is something that we all should be doing more of. In most cases, home-cooking is healthier than dining out, and it’s certainly more affordable. And now, we don’t have much choice! You’ll need to start cooking at home until the COVID outbreak subsides. On today’s show, we have Joe Sevier, an associate editor for the renowned food and cooking website Joe’s going to help us understand how to stock our pantries properly and give us some tips on becoming better home cooks.

Pete Soscia
Pete Soscia

Pete lives in Orchard Park his wife and two dogs, who keep him active by going for long walks and hikes. He also enjoys fishing and playing rugby. He's the host of Project Best Life's podcast: Happy & Healthy. He's currently very happy and working on the healthy.

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